Solo with a pianist (ongoing)

In June 2019, Lenio Kaklea received a commission from the National Center for Dance in partnership with the Festival d’Automne in Paris to choreograph a series of works for prepared piano by the American composer John Cage. She was immediately struck by the beauty, the complexity, the richness and the humor of the Sonatas and Interludes, a cycle of twenty pieces composed by Cage between 1946 and 1948. After a two week residency, she presented part of this work in a short performance, accompanied by the pianist Orlando Bass. Today, together with an artistic team, she wishes to return to this form of the dance concert, choreograph the entire musical piece and make a light and costume creation for a full night show.

Music: John Cage
Choreography and performance: Lenio Kaklea
Piano: Orlando Bass
Sound: Éric Yvelin
Costume: Pierre Paulin
Light design: Loren Palmer
Dramaturgy and research: Lou Forster
Choreographic assistant: Dimitris Mytilinaios
Production: abd
Co-production: ADC/Association de la Danse-Genève, BUDA/Kortrijk, CDCN/La Place de la danse/Toulouse, Greek National Opera - Alternative Scene/Athens (ongoing co-productions)

With the support of CN D Centre national de la danse, residency program

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